You Get Your Money,
We Do The Rest

Cragpay allows your customers to buy with installments
giving you the chance to sell more products every day!

For all businesses.

Boost your business by 40%

Payment in full can be daunting for customers. Cragpay offers a seamless automation process that keeps customers coming back for more, increasing your profit margins.

Use Cragpay
without a website!

As a merchant, you don't need to have a website
to use Cragpay. You can sell anywhere, to anyone with our platform.


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Create your product on the cragpay merchant dashboard


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Cragpay puts you way
ahead of your competition.



Scale your profit and meet your sales target


Purchase Rate

Selling online has never been easier, better and more profitable.

We offer a minimum of


as support to merchants

Merchants can expand their operations, purchase equipment and increase their inventory.

Integrate cragpay to your website using our API

By integrating APIs, you can streamline processes, increase sharing, and run your business more efficiently and accurately. This will save you time and money while ensuring reliable information exchange.

We pay the merchant upfront within a purchase.

As a merchant, you don't need to wait for customers to pay in four parts, you get your money in full and we do the rest.

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